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Good food is everything and there is no better food than a delicious curry. Most of us are familiar with Indian Curries (in fact they are now a British delicacy for many) but Sri Lankan Curries remain an undiscovered taste for many.

Now is the time to discover the flavours of Sri Lankan inspired curry kits with a Scottish twist.

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In this blog, Thea talks us through how she founded this incredible business that is passionate about bringing the taste of Sri Lanka to Scotland and the rest of The UK.

Back in 2007 I was living and working in Sri Lanka (where I met the dad of my two gorgeous boys). I fell in love with the food – it was so tasty with the added bonus that it was really healthy too. Whilst eating Sri Lankan curry every day I never looked or felt better!

Every day I discovered new flavours and despite eating curry for breakfast – I remained fit and healthy throughout and had so much energy. The food was incredible and like nothing, I had ever tasted before.

When I returned to Scotland I was keen to find the food I had grown to love and I couldn’t believe that Sri Lankan food wasn’t as popular here as Indian food. This shocked me as it tastes so delicious and it soooo good for you! So I decided to make curry kits so that people over here could eat them too.

My curry kits are a real labour of love –
I spend hours in the kitchen measuring out the whole spices, drying the leaves and taking the time to roast the spices to perfection.

I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them.

Thea xx

The flavours are:

Meal Kits:

Cardamom and Peppers Curry
Butternut and Pea Red Curry
Dark Roasted Black Curry
Tangy Tamarind Curry
Yummy Galle Curry


Ala Thel Dala
Coconut Green
Punch Pineapple
Delicious Dhal

Christmas Favourites:

Mulled Wine and Spiced Apple Kits

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