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Fiddy and Mabel

Bring the beauty of East Lothian into your home (and those of your loved ones) with locally inspired prints and tea towels screen printed with love. 

Fiddy and Mabel was founded by Hattie Forster and in this blog she gives is a behind the scenes look at her incredible business. 

Hello! My name is Hattie and in July this year I started Fiddy+Mabel, making screen printed tea towels, art prints and tote bags inspired by the views and landmarks from around East Lothian where I live. 

Before doing this, I owned my own business development consultancy, which I really enjoyed – but the pandemic this year pretty much destroyed my business, and led to some very sleepless nights and re-evaluation. With a little (a lot!!) of help and listening from my husband, family and friends, I was able to recognise that I wanted to do something completely different, something that allowed me to be creative, and that I could fit around and help create the life I really wanted… And honestly – the idea of making tea towels came to me out of the blue in the shower one morning! 


I started with my tea towels, and quickly branched out into art prints (mostly because the feedback I was getting was that customers didn’t want to use the tea towels as they were too lovely to use!). I draw all of my designs myself, and then individually screen print them by hand onto my different products.  


The purpose of Fiddy+Mabel, and the thing that brings me the most joy, is to capture places and images that mean something to people, beautiful views and little corners and details, that evoke memories and bring joy. One of my favourite things is when customers tell me why they are purchasing an item, and the story behind it! I have started in East Lothian, and look forward to capturing more of Scotland, and who know where else! 

Hattie xx

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