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If 2020 has thought us anything it is that we must look after ourselves and the planet more. Our over consumption is damaging the earth and there are other options available. In this blog, Josefa talks us through what inspired her business; Graceful Changes and the positive impact this makes on the planet. 

Hi!  I’m Josefa, Mum to two amazing girls and founder of Graceful Changes, an organic clothes rental subscription service for babies and children. 


Graceful Changes enables parents to rent everything their child needs to wear – from vests, to cardigans, coats, swimsuits and snowsuits. Every subscriber has access to our complete inventory online, allowing them to customise their clothing selection. When new clothing is needed (for example for the next size up or seasonal change) we send a new selection of clothes and once customers receive new items, they return the ones they’ve finished using. We cater for newborns up to age 4 years.  Our signature package of 15 items is £30 per month and our 5 item plus package starts at £12.50 per month. This includes cover for wear and tear and postage costs for an exchange every 3 months.

We only stock clothing from brands which comply with the highest ethical and environmental standards. These include: Kite, Pigeon Organics, Little Green Radicals, Toby Tiger, Frugi and Piccalilly.


I first came across the idea of renting baby clothes in a TEDx talk by a Danish businesswoman called Vigga Svenson. At that time, I didn’t have any children and thought it was an interesting idea but didn’t reflect on it any further. After my daughter, Grace, was born, I had first hand experience of why renting made so much sense. I have always been an environmentally conscious person and we set about to buy many of the things we needed preloved and started using cloth nappies.  When it came to clothes it was a shock how quickly they were grown out of, but also how many brands just didn’t fit well, or weren’t well designed. The clutter accumulated faster than I could rehome the clothes!  I also discovered the organic brands, which are cut for cloth, ethically made and lovely to look at.  Renting for babies and toddlers cuts out expensive mistakes (that snowsuit your toddler refuses to wear for reasons known only to them) and solves the problem of what to do with piles of clothing when you no longer need them. 


Graceful Changes is important to me because I truly believe in the concept and think it is the future! Parents save time, hassle, money and it is a really easy way to reduce environmental impact.  Being my own boss also gives me the opportunity to put my family first and set a good example to my two daughters. I love that I can be sure that the business’s ethics and values totally reflect my personal values.


Graceful Changes offers a friendly and personalised service, and I am always happy to help or answer any questions about the service.






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