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There’s no disputing that this year has been difficult for so many. Lots of people face a turbulent Christmas with concerns overs jobs and how to make it extra special with cost effective Christmas gifts. 

LB with Love stands out from the crowd as it offers employment opportunities for motivated women who want to earn money providing a fantastic service. She also works tirelessly to source high quality and cost effective gifts that will make this Christmas extra special.

The founder  Lindsay talks us through her business in this blog. 

I help busy people find the perfect gift and right now, that’s everybody!

11 years ago, I was in hospital with Post Natal Depression and I made a necklace. Somebody wanted to buy it so I made another and another and so my business began. It then grew arms and legs and I no longer have time to make the necklaces! But I now have a wide range of affordable gifts, with everything under £25. Ordinarily, this would be a massive time for LB With Love parties where the host gets everything half price.

But, not to be beaten by the pandemic, I now have 16 ladies that sell for me around Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, as well as an online shop at There’s some fabulous scarves, jewellery, gifts and Christmas decorations. And, to help customers with their  buying, there’s a Gift Guide for every occasion, suggesting 10 gifts for each need. I used to have a big career with long hours. I now manage my work around the kids and can take them to football and swimming and I can be with them.  Whilst it often means working late at night, I’m my own boss, managing my own time and growing my own business. And now, I’m helping other people to grow their own LB With Love business too and, most importantly, I’m helping people to GO BIG this Christmas!

Lindsay xx

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